Oral Exam Questions for Graduating Masters Students


For CSCI masters students whose catalog is 2001-2002 or later, graduation requirements include a short oral exam over the core and concentration-specific courses.  The policy developed by the department's graduate committee states that sample questions for the exam will be made available to students; links to those questions are below.  Note that these questions ARE NOT NECESSARILY the questions that you'll be asked.  They are old questions that have been asked previously.  Direct inquires to Dr. Barrett, barrettm@etsu.edu.


The best way to study for this exam is to review the notes from each course, look at exams and assignments from the courses, and, if necessary, discuss concepts with the courses' instructors.  This is not a detailed, comprehensive exam (it only takes about 20 - 30 minutes), but you will be expected to be conversant (it's oral) with the major concepts (it's the exit exam) from each of the courses in the core and in your area.


Common Core Courses

CSCI 5200 Software Systems Engineering

CSCI 5300 Software Design

CSCI 5230 Software Project Management


Applied Computer Science Courses

CSCI 5150 Distributed Systems

CSCI 5250 Database Management

CSCI 5620 Analysis of Algorithms

CSCI 5220 Verification and Validation


Information Technology Courses

CSCI 5710 E-Commerce Implementation

CSCI 5720 Enterprise and E-Business Integration

CSCI 5460 Network and Information Security



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