Martin L Barrett.
Funny signs: Chicago in New York, don't do this, don't touch this, two frogs, mind whose head?, sheep1, which way?, does what for 130 yards?, sheep2, in between, watch out, how fast am I going?

Pix from Summer 2004: Cliffs of MoherSam and me at C of M, big pile o' peat, four guys in Galway, Ellen on the quay, don't do this!, bar in Galway, bar#2 in Galway, return of the king, find the tourists, humps for 130 yards!, baa, two on Ben Nevis, three on Ben Nevis, whiskey, where's Ellen?,

Older pictures from summer 2000 in France, England (and just a bit of Wales), and Ireland ...

Traffic jam in Ireland, Traffic jam #2 in Ireland, Druids in the shadows at Stonehenge, Needs a Bath, Leon on the Tower Bridge, Hal, Leon at Falaise, overlook from Chepstow castle, some say we're lost in New Forest

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