Personal Information


Vital statistics

  • Born:        December, 1954  (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Married:   June, 1980  (Linda)



  • BS:     1976.  computer science, Yale Univ.

  • MS:    1986.  computer science, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

  • PhD:   1991.  computer science, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

    • Advisor: Thomas Reps

    • Subject: dependence analysis in languages with dynamic allocation and pointers.


 Industrial and research lab experience

  • PPG Industries, 1977-1984.   Systems analysis and systems programming.

  • Supercomputing Research Center, summer 1991/2/3.   Data-parallel compilers.


Academic experience

  • Locales

    • 1991-1996:   East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA

    • 1996-now:     East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

  • Subjects

    • past:  computer architecture; computer literacy; data structures; cryptography; operating systems; Pascal; real-time systems.

    • present:  C++; distributed systems; networking; software project management; systems administration.

  • Current interests:  
    networking and systems security; software engineering; programming languages.


 Current Hobbies