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Evolutionary Forces

Visual Popgen was produced by students in Software Engineering I (CSCI 3250-001; Fall 1998) and Software Engineering II (CSCI 3350-001; Spring 1999) at East Tennessee State University. The course was taught by Dr. Don Gotterbarn, Department of Computer and Information Sciences. The original client for whom the software was designed was Dr. Dan M. Johnson, Department of Biological Sciences.

This program calculates the sequential effects of genetic drift, inbreeding, selection, gene flow, and mutation on the proportion of a populationís gene pool comprised of the second of two alleles. To see a short explanation of those evolutionary forces click on the button at the left.  Simulations are usually for 100 generations, but they can be conducted for as few as 10 or as many as 1,000 generations. Visual PopGenís main purpose is to help the user explore the effects of various evolutionary forces on a populationís gene pool by providing graphs of the calculations, allowing the user to visualize the changes. (to see examples of the graphs go to the screen shot page)

Visual PopGen can create up to four graphs at a time and can display all of those graphs together on a composite graph.  Graph data created with Visual PopGen can be saved and reloaded latter.  The image of the graph can be saved as a BMP file and imported into most word processing packages.  Visual PopGen can also print the graphs straight from the program.

The number of generations used in the calculation and graphing can be set from 10 to 1000.  Each graph is represented by a different color to make identification easier.  

For more information on Visual PopGen download the Visual PopGen User Manual.  The file is in Microsoft Word 97 format.  You will need Microsoft Word 97 or Wordpad to view the file.

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