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The Visual Popgen software package was built by the Spring 1999 Software Engineering 2 class at East Tennessee State University.  It is designed for students and teachers in the Biological Sciences.  This program calculates the sequential effects of genetic drift, inbreeding, selection, gene flow, and mutation upon the proportion of a populationís gene pool comprised of the second of two alleles.

Visual PopGenís main purpose is to help the user explore the effects of evolution on a population's gene pool if they are exerted over a period of time by providing graphs of the calculations, allowing the user to visualize the population changes.

Visual PopGen is free to try but a $25.00 donation to the ETSU foundation for Computer Science would be appreciated.  Please make checks payable to ETSU foundation - Computer Science and mail to:

ETSU Foundation, Computer Science
PO Box 70721
Johnson City, TN 37604

On the pages listed to the left you can download a copy of Visual PopGen, take a look at the interface, read about the features of the program, and send feed back to us.

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