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It's Finally Here !
"Personal Software Process Studio ( PSPS )"
!! Announcing the arrival of a case tool that relieves you from the tedious manual operations in the PSP Process !!

Have you heard of the Personal Software Process (sm)? It is often abbreviated as PSP (sm). Have you investigated further to find if the PSP helps software engineers achieve higher productivity, better estimates, fewer defects, and continued improvement? Have you tried the PSP to see if it does all that? Or have you come to the conclusion that the amount of paperwork and calculations does not make the PSP feasible in your particular development environment?

Maybe you need something else to help the PSP help you. Something like the

"Personal Software Process Studio."

Personal Software Process Studio, or PSPS for short, helps take care of the paperwork and calcuations that make the PSP unwieldy to use on a practical basis. There's no doubt about it: "the PSP is hard, but PSPS makes it easier."

[Download PSP Studio] [Download User manual]
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